Protect Your Fertility

New technology now allows women a much greater possibility of successfully freezing their eggs to preserve future fertility.

The belief to someday have a baby and become a mother is a common dream shared by most women. The question for most is not usually if they will have a child but rather when it will happen. For many, this expectation is fulfilled naturally, but for others, personal circumstances or medical conditions can become barriers to ever achieving parenthood.

A woman’s fertility is largely dependent on the quality of her eggs. As a woman ages, her fertility potential or egg quality decreases along with the chances of conception. Additionally, some medical conditions such as premature menopause can accelerate the aging of eggs while other conditions, like cancers, require treatments that often have a negative affect on fertility. Whatever the cause, diminished egg quality significantly impacts ones ability to conceive.

The Center for Fertility Preservation at Shady Grove Fertility offers egg freezing technology (also called oocyte vitrification) to protect a woman’s fertility in all of these situations. By making the choice to freeze her eggs today a woman can help to insure fertility potential for future use when the circumstances and timing are right for her.

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