Frequently Asked Questions

Which fertility preservation option is best for me?
Only you and your doctors can decide. The effects of cancer treatment vary depending on the type of chemotherapy and/or surgery you receive, the intensity of your radiation therapy, the number of eggs remaining in your ovaries before treatment, and whether or not you currently have a male partner.

If I become pregnant after having cancer, is there a risk that the baby will get cancer?
This is rare, and is seen only when a woman has a genetically inherited type of cancer.

If I become pregnant after having cancer treatment, is there a higher risk of birth defects for my baby?
No. If an egg was able to be fertilized, it’s a healthy egg.

If I get pregnant after having cancer, will the hormones associated with pregnancy cause my cancer to return?
No. Studies show that there is no increased risk of cancer returning if you have a baby.

If I already had chemotherapy and/or radiation and I’m sterile, is there anything that can be done to have a child?
You may wish to consider using donor eggs to conceive. Donor egg options are available through the Shady Grove Fertility Centers.

To learn more about Egg Freezing / Fertility Preservation, please call our patient liaisons at 1-877-411-9292.

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