Financial Options

The costs to freeze eggs for fertility preservation are as follows:

• $300 – Initial consultation with our fertility specialist and pre-screening procedures that include hormonal blood work and pelvic ultrasound
• $7,500 – One cycle of ovarian stimulation, monitoring, egg retrieval and vitrification, plus the first year of egg cryo storage
• $2,000 – Medication costs per cycle (estimated)
• $500 – Storage fee per year after the first year and will be billed annually from the date of cryopreservation.

The costs to use your frozen eggs is approximately the same as the cost to freeze but with markedly reduced medication costs.

Insurance Participation

Many insurance providers may cover part of the medication costs and / or allow billing for consultation and prescreening. If you have participating insurance, we will bill your insurance company for the initial consultation with our fertility specialist and prescreening procedures. Some patients about to undergo treatment for cancer may have insurance coverage for egg cryopreservation (or other financial grants or support may be available), but other insurance polices will not likely cover the costs for the egg freezing cycle(s). The costs of services when returning to try to conceive may or may not be covered by insurance at that time.

See our complete list of participating insurance providers.

Affording Fertility Preservation or Egg Freezing

Fertility Finance
Financing is available through, a highly experienced group with whom we have worked whose mission to provide fair financing for fertility related procedures. Fertility Preservation can be financed for as little as $300/month.

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