Success Rates

When contemplating the process of egg banking, expected success rates are a critical consideration. Egg banking (or egg freezing) is still a relatively new technology, particularly the use of vitrification, so an individual practice may not have much data to report. However, Shady Grove Fertility is proud of both the number of egg banking and thaw cycles it has performed, both of which attest to our expertise in the field. The below figure shows the success rates from 63 thaws completed from 2010-2012. These success rates were based on a population of women that averaged 35 years old, using an average 6 eggs per thaw (more for increased ages). To put this in perspective, these success rates are similar to expected success rates for a similarly aged female undergoing a fresh cycle of IVF with normal ovarian function.
Egg Freezing Success Rates
Given the quality of outcomes and chance of delivering a baby through the use of frozen eggs, the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) lifted the experimental label on this treatment in October 2012. Though this treatment does not guarantee future pregnancy, it does preserve the quality of the eggs at the particular point in time the decision is made to bank them.

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